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Things to Do in Barbados

Experience the Water and Beaches

On arrival grab your swimming costume and dive in to the warm Caribbean Sea. This will probably be the most memorable swim of your life with turquoise waters reaching 28 degrees you will not want to get out! Being an island it's no secret that most activities are related to the sea; snorkeling, diving, surfing, and sailing are all there to experience with 30-degree temperatures and the bluest of skies.

Enjoy the beach; you are on one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Barbados is a great place for everyone!

Take a Submarine Ride

Embark on the Submarine Day Dive, which is just an incredible adventure walking through the Caribbean Sea and admiring the extraordinary wildlife.Thisaward winning Atlantis submarine tour is one of the most highly recommended attractions in Barbados. Imagine yourself in a real submarine, with big view ports all around, fully submerged in the aquamarine Caribbean Sea, as curious exotic fish peek in at you and sea fans sway. This fully narrated “must-do” undersea voyage can take you to a shipwreck and to depths of 150 feet, in air-conditioned comfort, which in the past has been reserved only for scuba divers.

Welchman Hall Gully

The Welchman Hall Gully is a must see attraction if you enjoy hiking, history and nature. This place will bring you back into the past and will take you to the heart of a tropical forest where the wildlife is prosperous and nature is still original.

Harrison’s Cave

At the heart of Barbados lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave. Located in the central uplands of the island, this breathtakingly beautiful, crystallised limestone cavern is a testament to nature’s mastery. Flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns characterise this living cave. Gaze in wonder at the white flowstones and in awe at the beauty of the speleothems, which adorn the cave.

Visit Oistinsat

There is a lot to learn about the local culture and how people live in Barbados. Visit the fishing town of Oistinsat the weekend and sample the local specialties, after a spot of fishing

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