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Nightlife and Dining in Cuba

Cuba is a fantastic destination that brings culture and relaxation to your holiday. Although many of the resorts are all inclusive, you have the option to venture outside in Cuba and to try out local restaurants, nightlife bars and clubs.

Eating out in Cuba

Many of the hotels in Cuba offer an all inclusive service that will give you a great choice of dining options. With buffets and speciality restaurants, you are sure to enjoy the dining experience in your hotel. Outside of that, Cuba has a good selection of restaurants in the busier cities such as Havana. While in Cuba, trying the local fresh fish is a must.

Nightlife in Cuba

Cuban nightlife is very lively. In the larger cities you can find music venues and nightclubs to suit all tastes. Many of the resort hotels will also feature their own bars and clubs. If you prefer a more relaxing scene, there are many quaint bars for you to enjoy in Cuba as well. While on a night out in Cuba, be sure to try some of the local rum.

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