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Nightlife and Dining

When the sun goes down, Dallas comes to life! Dallas is home to an incredible selection of dining options with everything from Texan cuisine to worldly flavors. The nightlife scene is also very strong and while in Dallas you can enjoy live music, street performers, nightclubs and more.

Dallas Dining

Dallas is famous for its excellent Texan food which includes excellent steak houses, barbecues and Tex Mex so while in the city, be sure to sample menus from traditional Texan restaurants. If you prefer something more eclectic, Dallas also offers a fantastic selection of seafood restaurants, bistros and worldly cuisines including Brazilian, European and Indian.

Dallas Nightlife

Dallas is big on nightlife with many flocking to the Deep Ellum and Greenville Avenue districts. Deep Ellum is the city's musical center and it's lined with many live music venues for a night on the town. Dallas nightlife also has many unique nightlife venues which showcase everything from R&B to classic rock. You can also enjoy street performances, fashion shows and more throughout the city.

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