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Barbados Night Life and Dining

Barbados Restaurants

Barbados restaurants are amazing. The food quality is incredible and the flavour found in the cuisine will create tasty memories of your Caribbean holiday. There is also a great selection of international restaurants to choose from be it French, Japanese or Mexican.

With the abundance of fine restaurants in Barbados, some offer local cuisine, seafood and continental cuisine and there is something to suit every taste and budget. By day informal attire is acceptable in most Barbados restaurants, but at night a more formal dress code is enforced. It is also recommended that dinner reservations be made in advance, especially during the winter.

If you want to treat yourself with some award-winning restaurants, Barbados is the destination for you. Some of the restaurants there are listed in the best 50 restaurants in the world. Some restaurants have the most astonishing view points, so make sure you get a good seat!

Barbados Night Life

When the sun goes down in Barbados, the fun continues! Barbados nightlife is extensive and varied, providing entertainment for every taste. Barbados nightclubs (mainly located in St.Lawrence Gap and along Bay Street) feature live entertainment most nights of the week. Most bands play local music - calypso and reggae - but there are several excellent R&B bands that play top international music, sometimes with a Caribbean beat!

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