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Toronto Nightlife and Dining

Toronto Restaurants

Torontonians also love their food and eating out is a big trend with the locals. Toronto restaurants all offer gourmet food at reasonable prices and you can find everything from burgers to steak dinners and sushi. Toronto is also famous for it’s distinctive neighbourhoods which all house smaller, more authentic food experiences so make sure to head to Little Italy, Chinatown, the Distillery District and Greek-town on your trip! While in Toronto, you must also try Poutine - a Canadian speciality comfort food.

Toronto Nightlife

Toronto’s nightlife is as cosmopolitan as it’s reputation. Lively clubs, chilled out pubs and trendy wine bars line the streets of Toronto and it’s neighbourhoods. Many of Toronto’s bars also serve food and it’s very common for tourists and locals to enjoy food as part of their night out.

The city of Toronto is a very sporty city and so you will find many fun sports bars located along it’s streets. The streets of Toronto after dark come alive on the weekends while during the week you will find the local wine bars and pubs full of business lunches and meetings.

Some of our favourite food/nightlife venues in Toronto include Jack Astors, Firkin and Young and Milestone’s Steakhouse.

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