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Nightlife and Dining in Florida

Dining in Florida

Across Florida, you can find every dining experience possible. From fast food chains and local diners to luxury high end restaurants, there is something for everyone, no matter where you visit. With many of Florida’s top cities located by the sea, Florida has a thriving seafood scene so when you are eating out, be sure to try some local seafood dishes.

There are also some unique dining experiences in Florida including the local restaurants in Tarpon Springs, which is Florida’s own Greek community. If you enjoy Greek food, we recommend a trip to Tarpon Springs for some delicious family style dining. Tarpon Springs is located in the St Pete Beach, Clearwater area of Florida.

Nightlife in Florida

When you think of nightlife in Florida, you think of South Beach Miami. Miami is definitely the go to place for a fantastic night out on the town. With trendy clubs, laid back bars and a vibe like no other, Miami does not disappoint. Outside of Miami, Orlando offers excellent nightlife venues in CityWalk at Universal Orlando and Downtown Disney. Downtown St Pete is a new up and coming nightlife area and it features many trendy bars and clubs. Whether you are looking for a trendy nightclub or a relaxed, laid back beach bar, you’ll find the perfect nightlife for you in Florida!

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