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Things to do in Fort Myers and Sanibel

In the area of Fort Myers and Sanibel, there is loads to see and do. Many of the local attractions centre around the outdoors and with Fort Myers and Sanibel being such beautiful destinations, it’s easy to see why!

It’s all about the Water

Throughout both Fort Myers and Sanibel you will have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the water. With a great choice of watersports activities from paddle boarding to kayaking, there is something for everyone. The waters of Fort Myers are also known for being shallow so if you are on a family holiday, the water is perfect for your kiddies to paddle and play.

Visit Thomas Edison and Henry Fordes Winter Estates

While in Fort Myers, make sure to visit the stunning estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Forde. Covering 10 acres of tropical gardens, you can explore the historic homes, Edison's laboratory, a museum and the stunning gardens.

Take part in the famous ‘Sanibel Stoop’!

Sanibel beaches are known for being filled with stunning seashells and so it is a tradition in the area to find the perfect shells. Locals and visitors alike can often been seen along the 17 miles of coastline looking for stunning one of a kind seashells. The activity has become so popular that it’s now known as the Sanibel Stoop! While in the area, make sure to take part!

Take a Cruise!

What better way to enjoy the stunning coastal views of Fort Myers and Sanibel than on a water cruise! Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as you sail on-board a stunning yacht. Have a glass of wine, a bite to eat and relax. It’s what Fort Myers and Sanibel are all about. If you are taking a cruise, don’t forget to bring your camera as you will no doubt have many stunning photo opportunities.

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