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Nightlife and Dining in Fort Myers and Sanibel

The nightlife and dining scene in Fort Myers and Sanibel is laid back and relaxed. This easy going approach to dining out and nightlife is the area's secret ingredient to any great meal or celebration.

Dining out in Fort Myers and Sanibel

Dining in Fort Myers and Sanibel is a pleasurable experience. With local seafood joints, formal white tablecloth restaurants and local diners, there is a dining scene perfect for you. Many of the restaurants in both areas are based along the waterfront so you will have many opportunities to have a bite to eat as you watch an incredible sunset.

Nightlife in Fort Myers and Sanibel

There are many bars, lounges and nightclubs for you to enjoy throughout Fort Myers and Sanibel. Each venue has it’s own distinct vibe but they all have one thing in common, a cool relaxed atmosphere that is hard to leave!

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