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Things to do in Washington D.C.

Recommended places to visit include the Capitol Building, the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court and the Smithsonian Institution Building, which covers a wide range of subjects from space exploration to art. If you’re more interested in shopping than sightseeing, take a trip through the streets along M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, where high street shops appeal to younger shoppers and there are boutiques and vintage stores for all ages.

There's always something happening and with great restaurants and nightclubs, festivals and public events, D.C. is a vibrant, fast paced yet fascinating place to spend your holiday. Whether you are seeking family fun or a break with friends, the nation's capital will enthrall you with its wide range of activities.


Many of Washington D.C.’s museums and memorials are free admission. Among these free museums include the enormous Smithsonian Museum, The National Air & Space Museum, The National Museum of American History, The National Museum of Natural History and even the National Zoo!


The Newseum is one of the most famous museum's in Washington D.C. and its known as the world's most interactive museum. At the Newseum, you will get to enjoy five centuries of news history as you stroll through exciting galleries and exhibitions. Accompanied by state of the art technology, the Newseum is definitely worth a visit on your Washington D.C. holiday.


If you know about your trip to Washington well in advance it’s worth contacting the local embassy in D.C. about getting a tour of the famous White House. It’s a must-see for any visitor to the nation’s capital. Tours take visitors through the East Wing, which includes much of the home’s entertaining space. During the tour you will see, among other rooms, the State Dining Room; the Red, Blue and Green Rooms; and the China Room, which houses historic pieces of china from down the years.


Bike and Roll offers visitors three-hour guided bicycle tours of the monuments with stops at all of the major attractions along the National Mall.

Along the National Mall you’ll see The Washington Monument, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the World War II Memorial, The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. And even though you can see these monuments and attractions if you were on your own, a guided tour allows you to learn more information and fun facts about each one.

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