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An exciting mix of rich cultural traditions and spectacular landscapes forms the basis of Arizona’s great appeal to visitors. The names of natural wonders such as Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and Monument Valley can only hint at grandeur here. Pictures of them are familiar throughout the world, but they really have to be seen to be believed.


In the picture – Monument Valley, Hunt’s Mesa Landscape

Large areas of Arizona are the domain of Native American tribes, still fallowing many of their old ways and participating traditional crafts – a delight for visitors

Along with Spaniards, Mexicans and Anglos, the tribes have left an enduring legacy that has shaped Arizona’s character and is cherished and presented in museums and historic monuments all over the state.

Accounts of early explorers, amply embellished by Hollywood, provide much of the popular perception of present-day Arizona.

Images come to mind of cowboys herding cattle amid scenic splendour, travellers fighting off Indians, gun-fighters setting scores on the dusty streets of Tombstone or miners seeking gold in forbidding mountains.


Those mental pictures have some truth, but they reflect southern Arizona – the area known to most early explorers and settlers.

Lonely outposts of the Spanish Empire have reached this far and later groups of Mexicans and Anglos preferred the region.

Yes, it is in the north where you will find the sparkling mountain streams, alpine meadows, snow-capped volcanoes and the world’s greatest expanse ponderosa pine forest. Vigorous rivers in this northern high country have cut immense canyons that hold beautiful worlds of its own.


In the picture – The San Francisco Peaks in Northern Arizona from the west, the highest point in the state.

Arizona is a truly stunning destination. Would you like to know a little bit more about it? Keep an eye on our weekly blog for more thrilling tips and advice on things you can see and do in Arizona, United States.

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