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Five Tips on how to be an Organised Traveller

Travelling to the USA takes a lot of preparation. Documents, currency, visas, packing – it all has to be done! Here at Tour America we aim to take the stress out of planning and organising your trip but there are other things you can be doing alongside of this to make yourself a more organised traveller. We've compiled a list of five things that will help you prepare for your exciting holiday once it’s all booked!

Becoming an Organised Traveller

Make a Checklist

When you’re packing your suitcase or getting your hand luggage in order, it’s very easy to forget something important like a phone charger or sunglasses. The best way to make sure you have all that you need is to write a checklist. We recommend you make two of them, one for suitcase essentials and one for the all important hand luggage bag. A clear checklist will ensure you’re not forgetting anything!

Travel Checklist

Use a Bright Passport Wallet

Passport wallets aren't only great for protecting your passport, they are very handy when it comes to identifying your passport in a packed bag. A bright coloured passport wallet can help here. It will make it easy for you to identify where your passport is located when you need it on your journey.

Carry your Accommodation Address & Zip Code

When you arrive on holidays and are relying on public transport to help get you to your hotel, it’s always handy to have your hotel address and zip code at hand. This can help when looking for directions, advising your taxi driver etc. We also recommend having your hotel address and zip code on hand if you are renting a car as you will need it for your satnav.

Clear your Memory Cards before you Travel

We live in a digital age and when going on holidays, it’s good to be prepared camera wise too. Many of us today use smartphones so it’s important to leave some memory free for your holidays. There is nothing worse than running out of phone memory when abroad! If you’re bringing a camera with you, we recommend always carrying a spare memory card as back up.

Pack Light

It’s so easy to over pack when going on holidays so we recommend packing light. Don’t bring excess clothing and shoes, instead be smart with your choices and when getting your toiletries in order, buy travel size bottles. Having a lightly packed suitcase will help you avoid any extra costs at the airport for overweight luggage. It also gives you the room you might need should you do some shopping state-side.

Travelling Tips Pack Light

So there you have it, five tips to becoming a more organised traveller. If you planning a trip to America, Canada, Mexico or a cruise, speak to our team of experts on 01-8173535 who would love to help you plan your trip. Alternatively check out our website on https://www.touramerica.ie

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