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Travelling Tips for taking a Family Overseas

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Familes holidays are what memories are made of but to make sure your holiday goes to plan here are some essential tips when travelling with kids.

Take a First Aid Training Class: Parents should be prepared at all times because often with children if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Pack for a Longer Trip: When you go overseas it can be for a longer duration of time than a domestic trip, so you have to pack more and be smarter about it. Try to bring only what is needed because airlines these days seem to charge extra for anything they can.

Eat Smart: When you’re out of the country, it’s important to not allow your kids to just select anything randomly from the menu. When you’re in a foreign place you need to use your instincts when you go into a restaurant..

Contact Info: Make sure your children know the name of the hotel and have the info written down on a piece of paper in their pocket with a phone number included.

Night Life: If you don’t have anyone with you to watch the children at night and you want to hire a nanny, ask a lot of questions prior to employing them and make sure that they speak fluent English. If your phone doesn’t work, pick up a mobile phone that can operate in that country in case the nanny needs to reach you.

Snap Away: Children are known for losing expensive digital cameras. I suggest that you use the digital one and give each child a throwaway/disposable camera. This way, they can have fun and see the trip through their own eyes and if they drop the camera, who cares?

Has anyone got their own tips to add?

Read more at http://touramerica.digital-trip.co.uk/inspire-me/american-dream/travelling-tips-for-taking-a-family-overseas.aspx#i3PwEHlAZ39f6XbL.99

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