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Hi everybody!

It's Kathleen here from Tour America. I am currently spending my year living in & travelling North America with the fabulous city of Toronto as my home for the year.

As the ultimate New York City gal, it's hard for me to find a city that even comes close to the Big Apple & Toronto is the first city I've visited that I have liked just as much. We flew with British Airways via London to Toronto but in the summer months Air Canada do go direct from Dublin so it's a really great & accessible city.

We stayed in the Delta Chelsea Hotel for 5 nights and it was such a brilliant hotel in a brilliant location! We were steps from Dundas Square and the world famous Eaton Centre!


So, what is it that I love about this East Coast City & what is it that I think you will love as well…

Having stepped out of our hotel onto Yonge Street, we were greeted with the cool, relaxed Toronto vibe. For such a large bustling city, Toronto really has a great laid back feel to it. Dundas Square which is the heart of the city is full of laughing locals and happy tourists. Throughout the year it's home to many street festivals and similar to Times Square, it has plenty of bright lights for those perfect Kodak moments. A walk around the Square will have your heart pounding and your taste buds exploding as the square is filled with many shops & fabulous restaurants. It's also the home to the incredible Eaton Shopping Centre.

One of my favourite things about the city (other than the shopping of course) is the fantastic selection of restaurants. Toronto has something to suit everyone's taste from Asian cuisine to Italian to French. Two of my favourite places to eat are – Five Guys Burgers & Fries on Yonge Street & Big Daddy's Bourbon Street Bistro on King Street West. If you love a good burger & a great 50's style restaurant then you will love Five Guys Burger & Fries! The restaurant has a great vibe and it's a really fun place to eat after some shopping! Or, you love Southern Cuisine then a visit to Big Daddy's Bourbon Street Bistro is a must! This restaurant will take you to New Orleans while you enjoy the most amazing dishes from the Deep South. A great restaurant with a great menu & an even better atmosphere!

Sport is also huge in Toronto and this makes it a perfect city for the boys. Toronto takes pride in all of their teams and they boast very successful teams in ice hockey, baseball, basketball & soccer. We haven't been lucky enough to attend a match just yet but when we do, I will tell you guys all about it! Sporting events take place throughout the year so for couples travelling to the city – the girls will get to visit the amazing shops & later in the day, the guys get to go watch a match! It's a win win!

Toronto's landmark, the CN Tower will greet you as you come in from the airport (I got so excited and started taking hundreds of photos!!) and you will be amazed by it. Each night, it changes colour so if you are out for a walk make sure to bring your camera along and get snapping! You can go up the tower as well, and the view is just amazing!

Toronto is build on Lake Ontario and in the warmer months; a trip out to the Toronto Islands is a must. Sit on the beach or go for a stroll all while you enjoy looking across at the amazing Toronto skyline. I know that's where I'll be going to get my tan this Summer!

Toronto also boasts many Broadway shows & museums so there is lots to do on a trip here. If you have seen New York & Boston and you want to do something a little different, this is a really great city to visit with so much to offer.

So what's next on my to-do list in this fabulous city!? I will shortly be off to visit the breathtaking Niagara Falls which I am so excited about! I will share my experience with you all once I get back!

I will also be doing a post soon on Toronto Shopping – yes the shopping is SO good it deserves a post entirely dedicated to it so do keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks as well.

For now, it's good bye from this side of the world & I will touch base with you all again really soon!

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