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Southern Sights and Sounds Escorted Tour

The Deep South covers an incredibly large part of the United States, including Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana and the rich heritage of America’s Deep South is an eclectic mix of cuisine, art, music and natural beauty. It’s diversity helps it to offer a wide range of holiday types. Titan Tours have come up with this fantastic tour that encompasses everything that the Deep South can offer. You can indulge in the music of the Deep South or enjoy a little bit of everything from fine cuisine to some world famous national monuments.

Across the state of Georgia, artefacts and homes have been preserved, museums have been erected and knowledgeable citizens have been employed to proudly show off their state, which has contributed to the history and culture of the United States. The state of Georgia also offers a vast array of cuisines from across America and from around the globe. With so many immigrants who were welcomed from every nation, this influx has inspired “fusion” restaurants, that combine local tastes with those from around the world in the one dish.

Tennessee is always a favorite destination for those travelling to the Deep South and Titan will make sure you visit all of the major attractions such as Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee – the home of Elvis Presley, the world famous Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and of course you’ll get to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg.

Chattanooga has been named as one of the “Top 45 Places to go” in the World, by the New York Times and it is a town that is forever associated with everything to do with railway trains. You’ll get the chance to board the Incline Railway which takes you up the steep sides of Lookout Mountain and you will get to witness views of the terrain that was fought over during the American Civil War. You will have the rest of the day free and there is a world of outdoor adventure and amazing restaurants for you to take advantage of before heading on your way.

After taking in the sights and sounds of Tennessee your tour will take you along the Mississippi to New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is known for its thriving music scene. Jazz, blues and R&B music spills into the streets and alleys from the many clubs located in the French Quarter – the city centre of culture, eating, music and entertainment. Savour gourmet dining, cosy cafes and decadent desserts as you explore the city and you’ll find some of America’s best shopping can be found on Royal, Decatur and in other spots around the French Quarter. After a couple of days exploring New Orleans you’ll be taken to Lafayette and Baton Rouge and take the excursions that highlight Lousiana’s Cajun and Creole background.

Southern Sights & Sounds Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Dublin - London – Atlanta
  • Day 2 : Atlanta – Chattanooga
  • Day 3 : Chattanooga
  • Day 4 : Lynchburg – Nashville
  • Day 5 : Nashville
  • Day 6 : Nashville – Tupelo – Memphis
  • Day 7 : Memphis
  • Day 8 : Memphis – Vicksburg
  • Day 9 : Vicksburg – New Orleans
  • Day 10 : New Orleans
  • Day 11 : New Orleans
  • Day 12 : New Orleans – Lafayette
  • Day 13 : Lafayette – Houston
  • Day 14 : London - Dublin


If you would like to experience the excitement and history of the Deep South, call us today on 01- 8173535 to speak to one of our escorted tour experts.

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