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Mexico and Miami Multi Centre Holiday

What two better multi centre places to match together than Mexico and Miami. If you are going to take the long-haul flight you may as well make the most of it. Miami gives you everything from the super star vibe to the beach scene. And then you have Mexico where you can kick back in your all-inclusive resort and chill-out to you hearts content, or hit the outdoor pursuits and nightclub scene.



What better way to start off your holiday than in one of the most popular destinations to visit at the moment, Mexico. You won’t notice the days pass by as you hang out on your sunbed by the pool, or on the beach, sipping a cool drink and soaking in all that Mexico has to offer.

Most of the hotels here are all-inclusive and some are even adult exclusive. Mexico has so much more to offer than its beautiful beaches, warm weather and value for money. There is something about Mexico, which just lets you be yourself, and have some fun.

Mexico is oozing in history and has many historical places to visit. It thrives on its outdoors and has everything from water sports to trekking to golfing and more. Some people never leave their hotels as most of them have more than one pool area, several restaurants and bars, nightclubs, gyms, beaches and spas.

Others venture out on daytime tours that include swimming with dolphins off the island of Mujeres, or a romantic dinner in Los Cabos watching the sun go down. There is a great day trip to spectacular Chichen Itza, an important archaeological zone and ancient capital of the Mayan Empire, which is both mysterious and magical.

Of course you can take a walk downtown and sample many of the bars, restaurants and shopping. Once you are relaxed, and ready to go again, that is when the glamour and zest of Miami, on route home, fits nicely into a great travel itinerary.



Miami is so much more than a big city in the sun. There is plenty to do there and so many ways to do it. You can stay in one of the big 4 or 5 star hotels on the beach, or choose a nice boutique hotel on one of the back streets, and still be part of the scene. Most of the large hotels have swimming pools but the beach, and the lengthy boardwalk, is a great place to people watch.

The shopping is fantastic as there are the typical high-end big brand stores but also these incredible boutiques where you will pick up things that no one else will have. Whilst holidaying in Miami there is no shortage of great seafood, steak, Italian, French, Mexican and Classic food restaurants all with a unique style and vibe to them.

The airport in Miami is only 20 minutes from Miami Beach and on arrival you will feel that incredible wave of heat, which will stay with you for your entire stay. In 2015 Miami Beach is celebrating a milestone birthday as it turns 100. Considering the effects over the years on this Art Deco treasure of a beach city the Centennial will be a great time to visit.


A Mexico / Miami multi center holiday is the perfect mix of relaxation, sunshine, culture and fun! To book your Mexico / Miami holiday, call one of our travel experts now on 01-8173535.

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